Reject Army of Poetry

The Reject Army of Poetry, or RAP, is a self-described anarcho-zapitista organization, headquarted in the foothills of the Ochocos, north of Germaine, Oregon, where they have erected a village they call The Compound, a collection of a half-dozen cob cottages, near the old Van Bibber Mill on Dead Mule Butte. Many of their members live there, although they purportedly have hundreds of others living in Portland and other cities of the Pacific Northwest.

Roots of the RAP

The Inspiration for the Reject Army of Poetry began in the hills and jungles of Chiapas, Mexico, where a small group of guerillas, inspired by the Zapatista Movement and SubCommandante Marcos, decided to reject armed conflict in favor of poetry and art, while maintaining a goal of total revolutionary change. This group was mainly consisted of teachers, students, and artists from around the world who had exiled themselves in southern Mexico.

One group decided to migrate north to the heart of the empire, where they could prove to the gringos a superior way to exist on Mother Earth. They became the Reject Army of Poetry.

The Five Rules of the RAP

  1. Nothing is as it seems,
  2. the enigma is the true answer,
  3. take nothing seriously,
  4. take everything seriously, and
  5. poetry is the highest form of language.
  • The Applegate Trail, by Susie Applegate.
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