nar Anjahr

One of the six primary worlds of The Convergence.

Description: nar Anjahr (lit: of the Creche of the Mother) is a world in The Convergence, one of the oldest, where many old powerful families originated. It is a temperate planet circling a yellow M-class star, about 15% larger than Earth. Because of its conservative, aristocratic nature, it is the home of many of the Guardians. Like Earth, it is a water world, about 65% ocean. The land is diverse and abundant with a slightly larger temperate zone than Earth. Much of the land has been terraformed, and there are many large cities. The polity and economy are fairly democratic, but there are ancient aristocratic families who cling to old privileged entitlements. The House of Djeneh (nar Djeneh) is one of the most powerful of these.

A very conservative, aristocratic world. Family structure is matrilineal and based on polyamorous creches where child rearing is done communally within the creche, under very strict rules. Home of many of the Guardians, and of Mojhdleh. Home of several other important characters, including Kahjeh, Ren, and Jovijh. It’s principle people are the Anjahri.

Largest City: Behjdar is the largest city on nar Anjahr, it is the capital city and center of commerce. It is home to 35 million.

Secondary worlds of the Anjahri are Laas and the worlds of The Outer Alliance: Laasent, Blan, and Dorf

Role in The Sweetland Quartet

It is the home of Mojhdleh and of many of the Guardians, as well. Related Characters include Kahjeh roh Djeneh (Brother Althus), Jovijh roh Djeneh (Brother Bernard), Ren nar Qadj, Mojhdleh roh Sejh (Mojh).

note: nar (fem) or roh (male) denotes an old Aristo family and means “of the creche of”

nar Anjhar

  • Type: Planet
  • Region: Primary
  • Capital: Behjdar
  • Population: 11 Billion
  • Government: democratic-arisocracy
  • Economy: agriculture, manufacturing, arts

One of the six primary worlds of The Convergence.