Grey Wolf

Born Martin Phineas Larsson, Grey Wolf had his name legally changed in 1993, shortly before moving to Wilbur County to found what was then called The Cherokee Nation of Wilbur County. He was force to change the name in 2003 to Red Nation Enterprises, after a drawn-out lawsuit by Germaine residents, Willie Walkingstick and Tsalagi Red, both registered citizens of the genuine Cherokee Nation.

Grey Wolf has a long history of legal troubles since the mid-1970s, when he was involved in a “Natural Healing” scandal in Minneapolis that many called a ponzi scheme to market herbal remedies.

After leaving Minnesota in 1977, he moved to California, where he studied Shamanic Principles and Rites at the Marin County Shamanic Institute.

In 1994, he moved to Wilbur County to “establish my shamanic practice,” he told the court in 2001. Shortly after arriving he purchased nearly four square miles of land bordering Lake Germaine.

In court, Willie Walkingstick called him a “Pretendian and a thief.”

photo of shaman, Grey Wolf
Grey Wolf